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Let’s talk countertops. Whether your kitchen is small and cozy or large enough to entertain a crowd and equipped enough make Emeril jealous, your countertops are center stage. They take up a lot of real estate and there’s no hiding them away in the cupboard when company comes, so your best bet is to make sure you love them. Here’s the fabulous news: if you prefer a sedate look, a well-chosen countertop style can blend quietly into your overall design; but if you’re looking for a design statement piece, nothing adds personality and pizzazz to a kitchen (or bathroom) like countertops! Of course, nothing gets as much wear and tear either, from food prep to entertaining to homework (need we mention science projects?) so homeowners often wisely choose a gorgeous workhorse, like granite or quartz. Read on for a quick rundown of the newest trends and styles we’re seeing in 2018.

Delightful Contemporary Update Countertop

While are many wonderful materials to choose from, some are more work than others. Marble and wood tend to stain and are more easily damaged. Soapstone is durable but has little variety. This keeps people coming back to our previously mentioned workhorses, granite and quartz. Both are excellent choices. Granite used to be the reigning champ because it can often be found in jumbo-sized slabs and can be found in many unique designs.

Recently, quartz has taken the lead. Advancements have produced new, jumbo slabs that have closed the size gap. Dozens of color, style, and design options are now available. Quartz countertops can look like marble, granite, or even wood or concrete. Quartz is easy to clean and maintain and it’s nearly as indestructible as granite. (Granite still takes the hottest temps better.) Quartz is non-porous, so it won’t soak up any sloshed morning java or the red wine you sip while making dinner. Since quartz is engineered, the patterns are consistent, a plus for some tastes. (Others prefer the imperfections and uniqueness of granite.) Lastly, quartz is easier to keep germ-free. All those lovely pores and imperfections in granite not only soak up stains, they can also harbor germs, requiring harsher cleaning agents. There’s no place for germs to burrow and grow inside quartz. (Did you know bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes? All it takes is one germy cell phone on the counter…)

Polished finishes are still the most popular, but textures like matte are gaining attention. For example, Silestone offers polished, suede, and volcano finishes (below). All are non-porous and smooth to the touch, but the textures can add character and help hide flaws and scratches.

Silestone textures (polished, suede, volcano)
Silestone textures (polished, suede, volcano)

Caesarstone US is on top of the rising “urban industrial” kitchen design trend with a line of rugged concrete look quartz options that simulate a weathered patina.

Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection
Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection

2018 said goodbye to bright colored countertops and welcomed in a neutral color trend. Grays, beiges and white are popular in a variety of more soothing patterns and natural stone looks. Here are a few neutral bathroom countertops our own clients have chosen with beautiful results.

LCO Misterio from Vicostone; Vista Blanco from Marble Emporius; Travertine look-alike quartz
LCO Misterio from Vicostone; Vista Blanco from Marble Emporius; Travertine look-alike quartz

Cambria USA has dozens of neutral quartz designs in their lineup, like these stunning examples:

Composite sinks are gaining popularity in the kitchen and stone vessel sinks are being seen more and more in bathrooms. Aren’t these options from Stone Forest just lovely?

Nickel and chrome finished faucets are still common choices, but brass finish is another growing trend. Whichever finish is chosen, faucet styles are trending toward either modern and streamlined or industrial and utilitarian, like the beautiful examples below.

Henry Faucet by Waterworks in Brass; NYC Apt of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen (Zillow listing)
Henry faucet by Waterworks in brass; NYC Apt of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen (Zillow listing)


Yaquina cross handle faucet from Rejuvenation in brass finish
Yaquina cross handle faucet from Rejuvenation in brass finish


Tolson faucet from Rejuvenation in brass finish
Tolson faucet from Rejuvenation in brass finish

See more images from these current trends on our pinterest board. What do you think about the trends toward neutral, natural, modern and industrial?

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