5 Tips for Hanging and Arranging Your Art

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Now that we’ve covered selecting artwork for your home in a previous blog article, it’s time to get your new art pieces arranged and hung on your wall. Here are 5 tips for hanging and arranging your art:

    • Use correct hooks for weight of picture

Use picture-hanging hooks rather than nails and screws because they go into the wall at an angle and are secure even if you aren’t in a stud. A one-nail picture hook will hold art up to 30 pounds, a two-nail hook holds up to 50 pounds, and a three-nail hook will accommodate from 75 to 100 pounds.

    • Using 2 hooks makes it easier to level the picture and keep it level.

Be sure to use a level to align hooks properly when you install them.

    • Not too tiny!

Look to cover 2/3 to ¾ of your wall space with your art work so it doesn’t look like a little island adrift in a big sea.

    • Hang art at eye level.

The center of the artwork should be between 60 and 65” off the floor.

    • Plot out your arrangement before hanging.

The key to creating an artistic arrangement is to play with the design before you put any picture hooks in the wall. There are several ways to do this:

      • Use tools such as paper cut outs that match the size of your art. tape them to the wall in various arrangements until you find the one you love.
      • You can tape off a section of floor equal to the wall space you want to fill, then place your art pieces in the taped area until you find the perfect arrangement.
      • Use a digital design tool, like the free Wall Design Tool offered by Artfully Walls.

With this tool you can select artwork of all shapes and sizes to arrange on your digital wall, and rearrange as much as you like.


Whichever tool you use, once you find an arrangement you think you love, live with it for a few days in trial form. See if you still love it after you’ve walked around it for a while. If so, transfer the arrangement you designed to your wall.

Rebecca Pogonitz of GOGO Design Group created this gorgeous collage wall for a client that she hopes will inspire others to create collage walls of their own. Notice how well the different shapes, sizes and colors work together? Beautiful arrangement is eye-candy in itself.

Rebecca Pogonitz Collage Wall 5in

Here’s a look at the arrangement from my own basement:

P1000757 edited small

See our pinterest board for more inspiration. We would love to see your unique arrangements!

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