Bathroom Humor

I get a number of publications both in print and online about the kitchen & bath industry.  I like reading them because they keep me up to date on trends and new products.  Sometimes, they even make me laugh. 

Take the latest online edition of Kitchen and Bath Business (K&BB).  There’s an article by Ellen Sturm Niz about a very upscale line of bath fixtures by  “artistic interior designer” Jemal Wright.  What Jemal creates is “bathroom couture”.  He transforms ordinary sinks, toilets, urinals (you read correctly), bidets and tubs into works of art.  I know, it’s something you’ve never thought of before or knew that you needed to have to be among the “elite”. 

So, Jemal has created a process for chrome- plating your standard porcelain fixtures, and can even add dyes to the chrome so you don’t just have to live with a toilet that looks like it came out of a prison cell, you can have it in colors!!!

He can even create a custom toilet, or suite of fixtures just for you, adding beautiful Swarovski crystals or perhaps incorporating a logo – just in case you feel a need to put your initials on your toilet, or perhaps in a very swanky office you can put your corporate logo on the toilet.  I can imagine that would be a huge hit with your employees!  Just think!  As an employee you’d be reminded of your employer every time you heed nature’s call.  Ah yes, an actual reason to keep hydrating all day long. 

Now it seems that Jemal hasn’t had many requests for his art here in the States, except for in New York, but overseas they’re more willing to spend anywhere from $5,300 (for a single toilet) to upwards of $400,000 (yep, 5 zeros) for an entire suite of fixtures.   These very, very specialized pieces are  complicated to make, so Jemal generally limits them to 1 or 2 per year.  Better sign up now so that in 2020 you can have a throne fit for……(ok, I can’t help myself!)

So without further ado, I present to you the very special artwork of Jemal Wright! 

Deep green chrome plated toilet
The low, low price of $5,300 gets you this beauty! Do you think it's cold when you sit?

Next up, this gorgeous piece with 150,000 hand-set stones with rubied accents!

Jewel encrusted toilet
This one's only $90K

Or, how about this racy model created in a mirrored metallic red finish and hand-set with 150,000 fire red stones?

red jewel encrusted toilet
This elongated version is a bargain at $125K

And I’ve saved the best for last!  This suite contains a toilet, sink and urinal.

colorful bathroom suite of fixtures
Seriously? That's a urinal? And a man designed it?

Now the one thing that Jemal hasn’t suggested- and here’s a fabulous opportunity for you inventors out there- just what sort of TP would be worthy of using?  Any thoughts???

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