Battle of the Sexes Hits the Kitchen!

According to a consumer survey recently done by Moen (the faucet people), men and women behave differently in the kitchen.  Really? I’m hoping they didn’t shell out a whole bunch of money to learn that!

Here are some of the things they found:

Women still do the bulk of the shopping, recipe finding, prep work, cooking and clean-up.  News flash!! 🙂

According to 65% of women, and 61% of men, MEN make the biggest messes when they cook.  (Only 65% of women felt that way???  Were the rest of them passed out?)

Is this how your kitchen looks after your husband (or favorite guy) cooks?

NO ONE really likes to do the clean-up part.  (The study didn’t note whether either group had more OCD tendencies…..)

I don't blame anyone for not wanting to do these!

Other activities that go on in the kitchen:  Talking to your spouse, watching TV and listening to music.  (I’d say men excel at doing all three at once, especially if there’s a sporting event on TV)

The survey also found that there are 4 different kinds of cooks:

  1. Family Cooks (mostly women), who enjoy cooking and do it frequently.
  2. Adventurous Cooks (more men), who are daredevils with recipes and will try anything once.  (Hmm, wonder if they use that excuse to counter the mess…)
  3. Carry-out Cooks, who prefer not to cook but like to eat at home.  (Should they really be in a “cooks” category??)
  4. Cautious Cooks, who fear culinary catastrophes & usually stick to reliable, tried and true recipes.  (Hopefully this doesn’t include Hamburger Helper).

I admit to being more of a cross between a Family Cook and an Adventurous Cook.  I like to try new things, but you’ll never catch me serving some sort of foaming concoction.  What about you?


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