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We’ve all seen the articles with lists of must-haves for the perfect guest room: piles of pillows from soft to firm, plenty of extra blankets in various weights, closet and drawer space, a luggage rack, desktop work space, a vanity, a nightstand with a good reading lamp, a comfortable place to sit off the bed, a basket full of chic toiletries, and even a beverage station. As much as we all long to create this haven for our family and friends, in reality most of us have small spare rooms. How in the world are we supposed to fit all that in the space we have?

Here are some tips for providing great guest accommodations in small spaces.

  • Make the bed your top priority!
  • A comfortable mattress covered in plush bedding will make even cramped quarters feel inviting to a travel-weary guest. Unwanted layers can be tossed off the bed while your guest is getting a good night’s sleep with her pick of favorite pillow and blanket.
    Bed comfort

  • Select furniture that can serve multiple purposes.
  • You can save space and provide all the amenities of a guest suite with a little creative multitasking of the furniture. This table makes a great nightstand. Add a mirror and a chair and it also serves as a vanity and a desk. Save even more space by opting for a swing arm wall-mount lamp rather than a tabletop lamp.

    Blue nightstand desk vanity combo

    The built-in drawers of this bed frame system from Pottery Barn can provide heaps of storage without making room for a bulky dresser.
    storage drawers pottery barn

    A beautiful chest at the foot of the bed can hold extra bedding while doubling as a luggage rack and a place to sit.

    Storage Chest for Blankets and Seating

  • Think mobile
  • A beautiful basket that hangs from a doorknob or hook can offer those little extras without taking up desktop space. A folding luggage rack can be carried to the bathroom or tucked out of the way.
    door handle basket luggage rack

    This compact cart makes a clever beverage station that can be rolled into a closet or hallway when not in use.
    beverage cart

See my pinterest board more great guest room ideas. What creative ideas have you used to offer hotel-like comfort in small spaces?

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