Beyond the Barbecue Grill

The fourth of July is almost here and summer cookout season is in full swing. Outdoor entertaining used to revolve around a barbecue grill, a cooler full of ice for beverages and multiple trips into the house to utilize the kitchen appliances. Outdoor design options were similarly limited to rustic motifs that evoked camping experiences. Oh how times are changing! Today’s homeowners have options abounding for designing beautiful outdoor kitchens that lack only air conditioning in modern conveniences.

Check out this contemporary outdoor kitchen from Viking Range. It looks like it could practically take flight!

Viking Outdoor Kitchen

Besides fresh air and sunshine, outdoor kitchens can boast another advantage over indoor kitchens – mobility. If you want your outdoor appliances to be built-in features, no problem. If you prefer the ability to move your outdoor kitchen around, perhaps from patio to poolside, that’s no problem either. Here’s a perfect example from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Have your old-world style pizza oven built-in or portable on a pizza oven station.

Pizza Ovens

Most of us are familiar with the amazing new grills on the market today, but the outdoor cooking conveniences don’t stop there. Warming drawers, refrigerators, freezers, beverage stations, keg tappers, sinks, dishwashers, and even vent hoods are all available to create fully functional outdoor kitchens.

Kitchen Options
(above left: Viking Range, center: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, right: BBQ Guys)

With kitchen options like these, you might never want to cook inside again. Enjoy your summer cookouts! Check out more cool outdoor kitchen designs and options on our pinterest board.

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