Contractors and Designers: A Winning Team

Tips and Advice

Are you ready to tackle your dream remodeling project? Consider adding a designer and a contractor to your team! These professionals each bring unique skills that blend together to create an outstanding result. Here’s how the synergy works:


  • Help you “flesh out” your dreams, needs, and goals into a concrete plan
  • Communicate a clear, cohesive design vision to the contractor with details he understands
  • See the “big picture” as well as the details that make all the difference
  • Coordinate all of the decorative elements so that your vision is complete
  • Collaborate with contractors to resolve unexpected challenges in the way that preserves the integrity of the design vision
  • Stay on top of design trends and the newest products
  • Help you make timely decisions to keep your project on time and budget


  • Convey the plan, concepts and design vision to the artisans that bring them to life
  • Are experienced in anticipating and troubleshooting construction challenges
  • Keep your project moving forward by understanding how to orchestrate a number of different trades at once
  • Know the best materials and construction techniques to use to achieve the desired outcome

Although their talents differ, together they are like the blended musical notes of a symphony – enhancing the experience and the enjoyment of your project!

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