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Ashton Kutcher made us all look bad on Mother’s Day by surprising his mom with a home dream remodel. OK, so you aren’t Ashton Kutcher … me either. Still, it would be pretty fabulous to surprise Dad with an awesome man cave for Father’s Day, wouldn’t it? This might sound like a huge project with an equally huge budget, but it doesn’t have to be. Most dads would be thrilled with a space of their own to “guy up” however they please and a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Pick a space
Find some real space for your papa bear to make his den. Closets don’t count. Consider the guest room if it is seldom occupied, a closed-off dining space that your family rarely uses, or a section of the basement. Remember, every dad cave needs a door, both for his privacy and to keep the family from all the noise during the big game.

Door handle

Provide some basics
Dads usually don’t need much in their space to keep them happy. A comfy place to sit and put his feet up, a decent-sized flat-screen TV, and a coffee table he can put his drinks on without being told to use a coaster should do it. (Here’s the perfect use for that tacky chair he loves so much and you can’t stand.)

Keep the decorating at a minimum
Resist the urge to decorate dad’s space. Leave it plain and give him permission to decorate (or not) as he chooses. You can pick a few items that show you know his hobbies and interests, but don’t go overboard. Let him have control in this space, even if chooses not to decorate at all.

Respect the dad cave rules
This is his gift so make an effort to give him some decent blocks of time without interruption. Try to not comment on the state of his cave. As long as he isn’t drawing insects or smelling up the whole house, leave him to it even if he is messy. Just shut the door.

Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

If you’d like to see some amazing dream man caves that even mom and the kids would love, see our pinterest board.

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