Deep Purple

Tips and Advice

Purple was once so expensive it was available only to the very wealthy. Do you love rich purple hues but don’t know how to use them in your home? What goes with purple anyway? Nature has some brilliant ideas!

OK, you’re thinking, but I have to actually live with this color – you know, INSIDE the house.

Here are some surprisingly livable uses of the boldest purples.

  • Elegant Sitting Room
  • Dark violet chairs in crushed velvet make a statement in this elegant sitting room. White accessories in soft textures with silver accents make this a room where you could comfortably relax with your best friends and still feel like royality.

  • Cozy Living Room
  • Can you really mix purple with orange anywhere besides sport’s uniforms? This room pulls it off with a cozy charm. Warm, muted shades of orange and gold are offset by dark plum and pulled together by white trim.

  • Exquisite Dining Room
  • Here intense red, chocolate, eggplant and berry blend together smoothly against a patterned wallpaper of dark and light purples to create a chic dining experience.

  • Splendid Steam Shower
  • The violet-tiled arched ceiling is the crowning touch to this luxurious steam shower that blends purples, blues and white.

Is it time to move purple to the top of your color palette?

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