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I’m feeling very Fall-ish today.  The weather in Chicago has finally turned cooler, although I enjoyed the warm weather we’ve had.  I’ve been thinking about what it is about Fall that inspires me and thought I’d share that with you. 

Colorful fall trees against blue sky
Ahhh, Fall!

I enjoy seeing the color play that is Fall; the golds, reds, oranges and greens  of the trees against a brilliant blue sky.  I love seeing peoples’ homes dressed with welcoming pumpkin and wreath displays, as well as seeing lighted windows against the darkening sky.  It makes me feel cozy, and happy that I have a warm and comfortable home.

wreath for door, with fall colors
A Fall wreath for the door

I love seeing bare branches against the dusky sky- the gradations of  blue as night falls behind blackened branches.  It makes me want to paint. 

I love the sound of Fall- the rustling of the leaves as they blow around or are crunched under your feet, the honking of geese as they fly overhead, the sound of children enjoying the dwindling days of being able to play outside.

Geese in flight against a Fall sky
Makes me want to curl up in front of the fire with a good book!


I love the smell of Fall.  The smell of a wood fire in the fireplace or the scent of wood burning in the air.  The loamy, earthy scent of decaying plants signal the time for preparing for Winter.  I love the indoor smells- apples baking, stews and warming soups simmering.  Pure comfort. 

What inspires you about Fall?  Do you love it or hate that it signals that Winter is coming?  I don’t know that I could live in a place that didn’t experience all four seasons.  I certainly know that I would miss Fall.

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