Design Project Diary- Day 13

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Two notes to self:

  1.  Don’t go on vacation while a design project is underway.
  2. If you must go- take your file with you!

Ok, so nothing horrendous happened- just had to schedule things, make decisions, and confirm that what we wanted was getting done.  My husband and I left on Friday for a long-awaited weekend away with the kids, their dogs and our grandson.  A four day weekend on the lake- sounds idyllic, no? 

 Well…. on Friday I got a call from the contractor that we need to schedule the field measure for the vanity counter top for Wednesday.  Of course, we were already on the road and I had no file with me.  Fortunately I wasn’t driving and did have the phone numbers for the granite supplier in my phone (which had its own little meltdown the day before. Always get the data back-up plan.  It’s a life saver.)  Called the supplier and the gal that I needed to speak to wasn’t in- would I please send them an e-mail?  Fortunately, the woman I spoke to was incredibly helpful when I explained the situation and got the info to the right people. 

The contractor also needed the paint colors by early Tuesday, which I had sent to the client earlier in the week for her to finalize.  I had wanted to view the samples in the room before giving the colors to the contractor, but as I wouldn’t be home until Monday evening- it would prove to be a bit of a challenge. 

Fortunately my e-mail was getting to my phone and we were able to confirm some things that way over the weekend.  She selected the color and I suggested that eggshell would be a better looking finish than semi-gloss.  Also wanted to pick a ceiling color that wasn’t white as it would be too stark. After returning Monday evening, we decided that I would come to her house very early Tuesday morning so that I could assist with the final paint selection and we could choose a ceiling color. 

 Then, I got the call.  The contractor had not installed the metal strips that were supposed to finish off the baseboard tile.   Crud.  She was really excited about those.  Well, we’ll just call him tomorrow and he’ll have to fix it.  Hopefully it won’t involve having to wait for more tile- but we’ll see.   A snafu to be sure, but one that can be fixed. 

Last item for today- the 4th cutting for approval for the bedroom coverlet still isn’t quite right.  Client and I agree that we go for plan B and find another fabric as I don’t think it’s going to get any closer.  Not a huge deal,  just one that makes everything take a little longer. 

Client asked me this morning if I was a bit of a control freak. Hmm, you think? 

Ok, here are the latest progress pictures! Enjoy!

Niche in tile wall.  Tile is grey strie with an inset of glass mosaic tiles
Porcelain floor tile in Chicago Remodel
Floor Tile
Silver porcelain floor tile in Chicago bathroom remodel
More of the floor
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