Design Project Diary- Day 16

Case Studies

We’re in the home stretch now!  The paint is done, the trim on the baseboard tile has been resolved, the lighting is up, and I have even come up with a design for the vanity legs that the client likes.  Not only that, but I’ve found another fabric for the coverlet which is similar to the first, and a new bolster fabric because the original- which is beautiful- may take forever to get here.  There isn’t any of that fabric in stock here in the States, and the mill is in Italy- which shuts down for the month of August.  Considering that we need only a whopping 2 yards, I’m thinking that it’s very likely that we could be waiting a long time for a pillow fabric. 

Ok so far, having a happy Friday and then the contractor calls.  At 2:30.  The plumber doesn’t like our choice of tub fillers (spout).  He feels that the length and weight of it and the way it’s attached, make it a likely candidate for breakage if it’s leaned upon in any way.  Hmmm.  And, it’s missing a part.  Ok, I call the client to see how she feels about the recommendation.  I’m surprised that the plumber would voice a concern- but grateful that he’s giving us the benefit of his expertise.  I’m glad that he cares enough about what he does to want it to be right for the client. 

After talking to the client, I jump on the internet to try to find an alternative.  I come up with a few that are reasonably close to the look we’re trying to achieve.  I also decide that once we pick something we like, we’re checking in with the plumber to make sure it will work as the way the spout gets attached can vary. 

Rats!  The alternative doesn’t attach in the same way and would cause more modifications to the existing plumbing in order to attach.  I suggest to the contractor that maybe it would be best for the plumber and I to discuss the situation.  The plumber calls and explains that he understands our design intent and is working on finding an alternative which will keep our look, but also not create more problems in attaching.  I’m impressed.  He calls back shortly with a model number to look at.  I think it can work.  Client likes it!

Yippee!  Now we can finalize on those vanity legs.  Next week we’ll work on the finish for the dresser and night stands for the bedroom and get cuttings ordered for the new fabrics.  The headboard should be on its way shortly, as should the chair.  We’re getting closer and closer to completion! 

Here are some new progress pics!

Chicago bathroom remodel, picture of bronze light fixture with 4 lights above vanity mirror
The new lights
Chicago bathroom remodel, irridescent floor tile and baseboard tile with stainless strip above baseboard
floor tile and baseboard with stainless finishing strip
Chicago bathroom remodel, tile wall and painted wall
The paint color alongside the tile- note the white squares of paint color!
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