Design Project Diary- Day 17

Case Studies

Today is one of those days when there’s not a lot going on.  Our project is nearly completed, and the day’s work (so far) consists of follow-up work. 

  • Check with client to see if she’s received and approved new fabrics for coverlet and bolster pillow
  • Check with vendor for shower doors to see when they’ll be installed
  • Now that new tub spout has been selected- check with plumber to confirm that he will purchase it and ask him if client will be able to shower today.  He suggests installing something that she can use temporarily until her spout comes in. (Client is VERY happy!)
  • Confirm with artist creating vanity legs on design and materials and schedule meeting with him later this week.
  • Check on progress for dresser and night stands for bedroom. 

Ahh, it’s nice to have a day that doesn’t have an issue demanding immediate attention!  Check back later in the week for new updates.  Today’s treat: A picture of my client (and no, she doesn’t look this way all the time- only on special occasions.)

woman dressed in vampire costume with fangs
She's really very friendly!
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