Design Project Diary- Day 28

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As of tomorrow, the client will have a fully functional if not completely finished bathroom.  Yea!  The last few days have been interesting and a bit of a challenge for our patience. 

We were originally scheduled to have the granite countertop delivered on Thursday.  I had made arrangements with the contractor to be onsite to accept delivery and make sure that the sink and faucet were available.  Well, I got a call very early on Thursday to say that the contractor wouldn’t be available.  Great.  He didn’t have anyone that he could send to accept the countertop.  The client was willing to run home and accept it, but after discussing it further, we didn’t want her to sign off on it in case there was a problem.  I wasn’t available to get down there in time, and the contractor really should be the one confirming that it’s all ok.  We decided to cancel the delivery.  Disappointing, but after working it out with the contractor, I rescheduled for the next day, and was told delivery would be at 8:30 am. 

Well…..Friday morning  I got a few calls from an unhappy contractor who had been waiting for two hours with no delivery.  Crud.  Called the granite people and they don’t quite understand how it happened, but no, we’re not on the schedule for today and no, they don’t have anyone to deliver today and will call me back to let me know when they CAN schedule it- after all we did cancel yesterday’s delivery.  What?!  Is that supposed to be customer service?

Ok, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, be polite and let people get it worked out.  While I like to have an immediate resolution- especially since the ball got dropped on their end- I decide to wait a specific amount of time before calling them back to raise hell.  The woman calls back before that time arrives.  She is now much more pleasant, has a resolution and an apology, and assures me that the delivery can happen Monday. 

I hate to have to disappoint the client yet again.  She takes the news well and is very understanding.  I also call the contractor and apologize for the mix-up.  He is pretty nice about it as well. 

Now for the good news! Our plumbing salesman has managed to get the missing shower part to my house on Friday.  He is a god! I let the contractor know that I can drop it off at his house as he lives only about 10 minutes from me.  That means that the client can have a fully operational shower on Tuesday because the shower doors get installed on Monday. 

The sconce and the under-cabinet lighting was installed on Friday, so now all we need to do is get a smaller towel bar (the original one is too long due to the new light switch placement) and wait for the legs- which should be here in about a week.  Yee ha, we’re almost there! 

Here are the latest pictures for your viewing pleasure.

New glass shower doors
The new shower doors
Granite veining
The granite. Pretty!
Chicago remodel, bathroom sink, faucet and countertop
Ta daaa! The new sink, faucet and countertop!
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