Design Project Diary- Day 4

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So, more news about the on-going project. As with all projects there’s the good news and happy times and the bad news that you have to deal with and figure out how to manage. 

  • Slight bad news from yesterday- got a call from the tile showroom and the delivery of tile that was supposed to happen yesterday didn’t.  Hmmm, it seems that when I said ” The client’s job begins on Monday and we need the tile delivered on Wednesday” it was interpreted as “the delivery from your warehouse in Timbuktu should leave Wednesday and arrive the following week”.  The strange thing is that both people communicating have English as their primary language and were using it.  The salesman was very apologetic and has done his best to have it arrive on Monday.  Ok, not the worst thing that could happen, but does push the job back a few days. 


  • Good news: The new tub arrived in perfect condition and had the added bonus of arriving with the medicine cabinet that wasn’t available on the first delivery.


  • Somewhat bad news- the second cutting for approval for the coverlet fabric came in too green again.  Doesn’t match the color we want.  Will have to order another cutting from a different dye lot.  Kinda stinks but not the end of the world. 


  • Good news:  I’m only waiting on a few more fabrics to come in and then will take them to the fabricator.  Client has received almost all lighting that we ordered, and the contractor and I were able to communicate well regarding the height that the shower head should be installed at.  He’s a good guy and responsive, and that is key to having a project that moves along smoothly.

I’m hoping to share some in-progress pictures with you, as well as finished project.  Here’s what the bathroom looked like before we started. 

Picture of bathroom vanity with mirror and "Hollywood" lights above it
Bathroom before
Shower Doors
Shower- before

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow and next week will go well and client can enjoy her new bathroom in a few days!  Check back for updates and in-progress pictures!

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