Design Project Diary- Day 6

Yes!  The tile was delivered today, as was the custom vanity.  Things are progressing- this week the tile will get installed along with the vanity and then it’s time to call the granite company out to template the countertop.  Here are a few pictures of the work-in-progress taken by the client.  I love the picture of the bulb! 

Chicago rehab, construction-in-process photo of new tub, toilet and new sheetrock
Phase I, new tub & toilet
Chicago bathroom re-hab, picture showing drywall with temporary lighting
My favorite photo!

Ah yes, isn’t temporary lighting attractive?  Some other items presented today:  Need to choose new door handle as the current one is gold- no problem.  Client would like to look at paint choices.  I e-mailed some choices to her with two suggestions: 

  •  The first suggestion is that I finalize the paint colors when everything is in, as it’s better to see everything in the room with the correct lighting before making the final choice. 
  •  The second suggestion is one that I’ve had previous clients do and it’s very helpful in viewing new paint colors.  Either paint your color samples on white cardboard or other sturdy white paper with a large border of white around the sample, or, paint your sample and then take a sheet of white paper and cut out a square in the center.  Use this as a “viewer” to look at your selected color surrounded by the white paper.  This trick allows you to see your selected color without being influenced by the colors around it.  For instance, if you have a tan wall and you try to paint a creamy yellow sample on it, you’re going to be influenced by how the yellow looks on the tan.  You really need to see your potential color choice separate from whatever color it’s going over.  

Check it out sometime and see for yourself- it’s pretty amazing.   Tune in later this week to see how things are going, and more in-progress shots!

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