Do It Yourself Design

I was reading a major do-it-yourself magazine recently and was struck by the photo of a low-budget bathroom re-do.  While I applaud saving money (I  like to get great looks for less!) it made me sad to think that by having spent just a little extra money on a designer, the owners could’ve had a much better bathroom.   Why?  Well, because a designer could’ve helped them make better selections that would save money and take the look beyond ordinary.  Even if you want to  (and can) do a lot of the installation yourself, a designer can help you:

  • plan the project properly, so everything moves smoothly
  • make suggestions for space-saving and sufficient storage
  • find the selections (tile, fixtures, lighting etc.) that can keep costs down but give you a look that doesn’t say “home improvement warehouse”.
  • help you pull it all together with a cohesive color scheme

Sometimes people like to rely on their contractor for design and finish advice.  While some contractors have a great eye and can give good advice, there are many others who are only familiar with what they’ve done (over and over again).  Case in point- the following picture was taken from a contractor’s website- advertising low cost bathroom remodels. 

Bathroom Remodel

What distresses me is that someone spent money on their bathroom and got this, when they could’ve gotten something much, much better for the same amount. 

Again, contrary to the misconception many people have about designers, I don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to get a great looking project.  What I do believe is that a designer can assist you in making your investment pay dividends by making every element work together for a cohesive look and a functional space.  Here’s my real message- you deserve to have something beyond ordinary when it comes to your home!

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