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Did you know that designers work to incorporate the latest advances in healthier living when designing spaces for their clients?  I’m always reading up on the latest ways to incorporate not only environmentally conscious elements, but healthier choices as well.  For instance, here are some ways to incorporate design elements for healthier sleep:

1.  Lighting:  Bedroom lighting should tend towards the warmer (red) end of the color spectrum.  Lighting that tends toward the blue end of the spectrum disrupts the formation of melatonin, a hormone that helps us regulate our sleep and waking patterns.  For instance, if you have a digital clock in your room, switch to one with red LED’s as opposed to blue or green.

2.  Sound:  The addition of sound-reducing materials like carpeting or rugs, window treatments to block light and sound, and solid-core doors help those who are easily disturbed by ambient noise fall asleep and stay asleep.

3. Waves:  The electro-magnetic kind.  The stuff that’s emitted from all of our electronic gear, including cordless phones, cell phones, computers, TV’s,  etc.  Believe it or not, these electro-magnetic waves can be disruptive to good sleep.  Try to keep EMF devices out of the bedroom, or at the very least, far away from you.  I know, this sounds a little “woo-woo”, but there are studies that suggest it’s healthier to keep electronics out of the bedroom.  (Apologies to my nephew Corey, who owns an A-V company and advocates for a TV in every room!)

These are just a few ways to design with health in mind.  In future posts, I’ll explore more ways of enhancing health through design choices!


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