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I know, I know.  I haven’t written anything all week.  I’m a baaaaad girl.  Well, maybe.  Read, then decide. 

While talking with a former client not long ago, we got on the topic of a charitable organization – Flashes of Hope- that she is chapter director for in Chicago.  It’s a great organization that provides uplifting portraits of children fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses.  Hearing her talk about the difference that these photo shoots make to the children and their families, by offering them a chance to see their courage, beauty and dignity, touched my heart and I offered to help. 

Image from Flashes of Hope website

Fortunately, I had a place and theme in mind. Orren Pickell’s design-build firm has a great showroom in Northfield that’s set up like a house, showcasing Pickell’s level of quality and imagination.  They’re kind enough to allow groups to host meetings and events in the showroom which is large enough to hold parties of up to 300 (although at that number, there isn’t much to see other than bodies!)  I decided that with the holidays coming, a big girl’s shopping party would be a great draw and a fun way to support the cause.  The date was set for this past Wednesday,  Nov. 17, and Barrie Dekker, Carrie Gowans of Flashes of Hope, and I got to work.  Barrie and Carrie were tireless in getting the word out about the event as well as helping to find vendors that would create a fun evening.  I worked on food, drink and set-up, with a great deal of help from Barrie and Carrie. 

As with most parties, the last few days prior to the event (at least for me) were spent finalizing details, cooking, and baking (trying to keep the costs down we did most of the food ourselves). That, and hoping that our weather cooperated! 

It did, and we had a wonderful event.  Our vendors ranged from children’s books and toys to mini makeovers and massages- great ways for busy women to pamper themselves, and through the generosity of many, including Orren Pickell, we had a number of great raffle prizes as well.  All in all the evening netted enough for Flashes of Hope to expand its mission into another area hospital!   A great accomplishment for Flashes of Hope, and a heart-warming acknowledgement of the kindness and generosity of many people uniting to support others. 

Still think I’ve been bad for not posting?

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