Fashion and Interior Design Collision

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I thought it would be fun to talk about how colors, textures and trends in the interior design world overlap with those in the fashion world. 

I’ll start with the color forecast from Sherwin-Williams’ Jackie Jordan, who is the director of color marketing.  She develops and presents the latest color trends and resources for professionals and DIY’s. 

Jackie feels, contrary to Pantone (see previous blog: that the color for 2011 is Indigo Batik SW7602.  It’s that color that we’ve grown up wearing, whether it be our favorite jeans, a fabulous blazer or even on a great accessory.   Jackie feels that it represents the hard-working people of America’s past, present and future.

Jackie Jordan's choice for "Color of the Year"

Personally, while I like Pantone’s color of the year, when I see the indigo and denim blues in fashion as well as in fabrics, I feel comfortable and at home.  Take a look at these fashions and fabrics and tell me how you feel.

Batik-style dress from Michael Kors
Shirt-Dress by Michael Kors

Now lest you think that Michael Kors was my only fashion inspiration for these hues, I also found some on the Ralph Lauren website. 

Ralph Lauren Spring Collection
Indigo in the home

 So, which “color of the year” resonates more for you?

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