Four Fabulous Finds

Ugh.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted!  Sorry.  Sometimes it’s challenging to come up with new stuff twice a week and I backslide.  Ah, but let’s move on to some new fun, cool, and unbelievable stuff I’ve found recently.

Kohler's NUMI toilet with motion activated seat and lid!

#1.  Kohler’s new NUMI toilet.  Ok, this is the unbelievable one, so I had to lead off with it.  This little baby will set you back a mere $6400, but here’s what you get for that:

  • A motion activated seat and lid, so you never have to touch it
  • A built-in bidet (check it out at if you want more on that- I’m not going there)
  • An air dryer (see above)
  • A heated seat
  • A foot warmer (it blows heated air on your tootsies)
  • And, last but not least, built in speakers for your iPod.  No kidding.  Yes, it’s for the person who has everything.  Would you ever want to come out of there???
Call me crazy, but I find this stove sexy!

#2. The Bertazzoni range.  It’s from Italy.  You know, the land of Ferrari.  Need I say more?

Dornbracht's Deque tub filler. Love the color!

#3.  The Dornbracht Deque faucet.  This is pretty cool.  Check out the website

Isn't this gorgeous? Check out for more!

#4.  Think Glass.  Ok, this one is way cool with a bunch of applications that can make for a very unique look.  You can get glass countertops up to 4″ thick and with built in LED lights!

Ok, which is your favorite?  Stay tuned for more design info as I’m back in the swing!

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