Fresh Findings for Your Kitchen II

Last week I wrote about the Kitchen Trends seminar that I attended recently.  It was hosted by Jenn-Air and presented by Ellen Cheever.  This week, I’d like to talk about the third piece of the puzzle- the cooking zone.  Here are 3 great ideas to keep in mind when planning new appliances:

1.  Induction cooktops are becoming more prevalent.  They are more popular in Europe, but are catching on here.  What’s great about using them is their low heat output (your kitchen doesn’t get heated because just what’s in the pan is getting heated), ease of clean-up as the surface doesn’t get hot, and you can put individual units in several places in the kitchen.

Jenn-Air Induction Cooktop


You can read more about induction in my previous blog:

2. Microwave/Convection oven combinations allow for smaller kitchens to have one large oven and still have the ability to host a crowd.  Jenn-Air makes a model that can steam-cook, has a combination convection/microwave setting, and a speed-cook setting.

The Jenn-Air convection/microwave

3. Wall Ovens- are becoming packed with features to make it easy to cook even if you’re not the best cook!  Jenn-Air even has one that you can program favorite recipes into and it can convert a standard recipe time to Convection mode time.

Combination of wall oven and microwave


So what’s your favorite new trend?


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