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Fringe flipped across the fashion runway in Spring 2014 and it hasn’t stopped swinging since. Fall and Winter fashions are, well, fringed in fringe this year and the spring fashion show lineups are packed with more of the same. Whether your style is vintage, western, modern or elegantly simple, fringe just works. Let’s face it – fringe is fun! It’s hard not to have an extra bounce to your step when you feel fringe flipping and swishing around you!

Fringe Fashion

Marco de Vincezo, Spring 2015 (left) Michael Kors, Fall 2014 (right)

The feel good vibes don’t have to end with your wardrobe. Here are some easy ways to incorporate fringe into your home décor.

  • Window Treatments
  • From panels to valances to tie-backs, fringe has always been a popular choice in window treatments. This beautiful passementerie from Samuel & Sons is timeless.

    Drapery Samuel and Sons

    See more drapery ideas on our passementerie pinterest board.

  • Tablecloths and Napkins
  • Dress up your table with fringed tablecloths and napkins, like this holiday look full of Vermont country charm.

    Holiday Table Vermont Country

  • Area Rugs
  • Area rugs with fringed bindings are a versatile, fun way to incorporate the fringe trend into your home décor.

    IKEA area rug

  • Lamps
  • This Art Deco glass fringe lamp simply sparkles! Whether they are sporting beaded glass spangles or Victorian silk, lamps are a fabulous way to put the spotlight on fringe.

    Lamp with glass fringe

  • Blankets and Throws
  • The chillier temperatures are the perfect time pile on the blankets and throws trimmed with fringe. You can find them in a rainbow of colors and fabrics, like this Martha Stewart collection at Macy’s.

    Martha Stewart Throws

  • Furniture
  • Upholstered furniture pieces have long been a common place to find fringe trim. You don’t even need to invest in new furniture. A furniture upholstery service can add fringe trim to your existing furniture pieces for a reasonable cost.

    Ottoman with Fringe

See more fringe ideas for your closet and your home on our pinterst board on fringe. Are you wild about the fringe trend too?

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