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Hey, I’ve just had a project published!  The publication is Chicago Home Improvement Magazine  (don’t know if you’ll find the story and photo online, but it is in print) and they’ve published the picture of the Lake Forest master bedroom from my portfolio!  Very exciting.  They also recounted the story of how the room evolved and what the clients were looking for. 

Do you read design or home improvement magazines?  If so, which ones?  I was at a seminar recently and we discussed how the magazines that designers read and use for inspiration are often not the same as what the general public gravitate toward.  I generally will read Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, Veranda, House Beautiful, and sometimes Dwell.  (Yes, my husband complains that a semi backs up to our house every month to unload all of my magazines!)  I do find them inspiring, though.  They’re also great sources for learning about new products or perhaps a new way to use an existing product. 

Prior to meeting with a client for the first time, I will suggest that they get some design magazines, or library books and flag pages of pictures that they like.  Whether it’s the entire room, an element of the room- like the crown molding or the windows or a particular tile- or colors, furniture or even accessories.  Even if they don’t really know why they like it, I encourage them to flag it anyway as once I’ve had a chance to go through their choices some sort of pattern will usually emerge. 

Magazines are also great for introducing an idea that you can then take and make your own.  Maybe you’ve seen some really cool new product like a gorgeous console table shown in a living room.  You love it but think “hey, I could use that in my powder room as a vanity with a beautiful vessel sink”.  It’s fun and creates very personalized spaces.  So- take a look, dream, and be creative!  If you can’t, I happen to be really well acquainted with someone who can help you with that!

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