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The Holiday season has begun!  It’s time to enjoy the multitude of gatherings that the holidays bring.  Along with those gatherings, there’s always the question of what to bring the host and hostess that creatively expresses your thanks for their hospitality.  Here are 3 ideas that will show your hosts that you care:


  • Dress up a lovely, inexpensive serving dish with some home-made treats such as cookies, candy, olives or nuts.  Wrap the whole presentation in some sparkly cellophane and add a beautiful bow.  The gift can be unwrapped and used at the party, and the hosts don’t have to think about what to put your treats in!
The Lucia small bowl from Crate and Barrel
  • Yes, a bottle of wine is a fine gift, but why not make it more attractive by tying it up with an ornament, or wrapping it in some fun tissue paper or cellophane. Levitra ohne rezept preis apotheke. Levitra kaufen ohne rezept in Braunschweig.
Interesting wraps for wine bottles
  • If there’s a reader on your hostess list, how about a copy of Jackie Pilossoph’s “Jackpot!” (it’s a fun read!) along with some fragrant tea and a tea strainer?

You can find Jackie’s book at by using this link:

    Jackie Pilossoph's new book

    It really doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to make your gifts special and show your holiday spirit!


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