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Welcome to my blog design fans!  This is a fun and frightening prospect, but one I hope we will all enjoy.  Kind of like having kids!  I hope to bring you fun tidbits, news about the latest cool products for your home, as well as answer your burning questions about interior design.  You know, like “What do I do with a really small budget and a hideously pink bathroom?”  To which I will reply with speed, wit, and draw upon years of experience by saying ” Paint it!”  Ok, that was a little flip.  Actually, my response would include paint, which is one of the least expensive ways of changing the look of your room.  If you have pink tile, there are actually paints that can go over tile, both wall and floor.  Unless you’re really good, I wouldn’t recommend it as a DIY project.  If you have pink tile AND fixtures (sink, tub, toilet) and really don’t have a budget to replace them- I say find a way to have some fun with them until the budget allows a total re-do.  You can find some fun wallpaper- maybe a cool black and white print and make it sort of retro Barbie-like, or neutralize it somewhat by adding a complementary color like green and add in some art and towels that bring the two together. Update fixtures like the faucets and lighting as you can usually do these fairly inexpensively. If you make it fun and funky, the ugly pink can become a chic joke, an opportunity to be playful and express your creative side.  So, dear readers, I hope that you enjoyed my inaugural blog and will check back for more!  Coming up next… overview of what’s hot at NeoCon- the big design trade show at the Merchandise Mart!

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