Innovations that Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Work for You

One hot topic of National Kitchen and Bath Month is learning the latest in cabinet accessories that add convenience and organization to our kitchen storage needs. We’ve asked Shari McPeek, Public Relations & Advertising Manager of Rev-A-Shelf LLC to share her expertise in kitchen storage solutions.

What are the newest innovations available in kitchen cabinet accessories for organizing and storage?

There are several innovations not only storage solutions but their sizes and finishes. A great example is with the increase of demand for Full Access cabinetry you are seeing more organization and storage products being designed specifically for it. You also have an array of finishes and materials being used in products that compliment more kitchens. As for products themselves you are seeing almost all with features like soft-close slides and designs that answer more specific storage needs for food storage containers, K-Cups, etc.


Do you have any tips on the best way to plan ahead for storage needs in a new kitchen?

The first thing I suggest is making a pros and con list of your existing kitchen. Note the areas you are not happy with i.e. having to strain and reach into cabinets to find things, no room for spices, messy plastic ware, cutlery, pots, and pans. In addition, break your kitchen down by workflow for example where you want to prep meals you would want to add knife storage and a compost/waste container or around the stove you would want storage for utensils and pots and pans.


Also, think future forward, do you have kids and what items do you want them to access or not, do you have aging parents who may come to live with you then you might need lower storage for plates or an in cabinet waste container to maximize your floor space for a walker/wheelchair. Finally, don’t forget the lighting! I know it is a bit off task from storage aspect, but it is the perfect time to ask yourself if you want to add lighting, either in cabinets or under cabinets. If not now you will still want to take advantage of having professionals in your home and have the electrical run in order to add it at a later date.

What does your company do best?

Rev-A-Shelf is the industry leading manufacturer of cabinet storage and lighting accessories.

What makes Rev-A-Shelf unique?

With over 38 years of expertise, we are known for bringing innovative products to the market that provide storage and lighting solutions for the kitchen, bath, office, and closet. We use this expertise to create innovative functional products for Face Frame, Full Access, and Inset cabinetry.

How would consumers find your products?

Rev-A-Shelf and Tresco Lighting products are sold primarily through distribution. We do however have some products that are available at Brick & mortar stores and online.

Can your products be installed in existing kitchens (aftermarket), or is it best if they’re ordered along with new cabinetry?

The majority of our products can be installed in existing kitchens, vanities, and closets. To learn more about our products you can visit us at and

Thanks so much Shari! For more kitchen organization options, be sure to visit out the Rev-A-Shelf website. Also, check out these cool storage solutions on our pinterest board.

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