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We’ve been talking about color this month and I wanted to end with ways that I’m inspired by color.  Perhaps it’s an occupational benefit, but I am inspired daily by the colors right outside my window.  For me, nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration as well as a “proving ground” for what colors work together.  I love the interplay of the green leaves against a glorious blue sky as I look out the window of my office, or the shimmery, silvery glow of bare branches after an ice storm.  I could go on and on, but I’ll just share some of Nature’s beauty with you.  Enjoy!

Notice how all these various colors play well together?
Ahhh, a sunrise. What a breathtaking start to the day!
Yes, it's a snake. Aren't its colors glorious?

What inspires you when it comes to color?


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