It’s Leather Weather!

Yes, it’s time to come in from the cold, take your shoes off and enjoy your warm leather floor.  What?  Leather floor?  Sure!  Take a look:

Eco Domo's recycled leather floor

Isn’t it lovely?  Believe it or not recycled leather floors are as durable as linoleum, and can be used with radiant floors!   Check out some beautiful applications for leather and cork tiles at

Their leather-wrapped moldings are quite luxurious.  I can imagine them in a library or study.

Leather-wrapped moldings and trims

Are you a leather-lover or leather-loather?   If you’re a meat-eater you participate in the leather industry as it’s a by-product of the beef industry.  Recycled leathers utilize post-consumer leather that’s been ground and pulped like recycled paper.   If you’re really into “green”, recycled leathers can contribute to LEED points.  I’d say a great thing all around!   What do you think?


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