Kitchen Change-Up Part II

Welcome back!  Perhaps you saw a bit of your own kitchen in last week’s post.  If so, keep reading and I’ll explain how we overcame the challenges that we were faced with.

Challenge 1: We had a small footprint to work with and it wasn’t going to expand, so we increased the accessibility and useability of the layout by:

  • Shrinking the sink down to allow for a spice pull-out cabinet between the dishwasher and range.
  • Increased the size of the end wall and base drawer cabinets
  • Changed 2 door base cabinets to 1 wide drawer base and 1 smaller door base with roll-out shelves
  • Added a deeper cabinet above the refrigerator and pulled it forward for better accessibility
  • Added pull-down shelves in 2 upper cabinets for better accessibility

We also added additional counter top length by creating a “shelf” of countertop material that is seamed at the end of the sink base.  If there’s a need to access the window from the inside, the seam can be cut and the shelf removed and replaced.

Challenge 2: The outlets couldn’t be moved, and create an eyesore in the backsplash.

  • We’re going to use metal outlet covers and have them painted by artist Bonnie Lecat of Bonnie Lecat Designs ( to match the backsplash.  You’ll still see the outlets, but they’ll be minimized.

Challenges 3 & 4:  Small area for a table and chairs and the need for privacy at night.

  • We found a small (26″) round glass tables and clear lucite bistro chairs which don’t take up any “visual” space, yet allow the client to sit comfortably and read the paper or enjoy a meal.
  • We also changed out the duette window shades to a softer, and more sophisticated Roman shade which is lined for privacy at night.  The shade on the right window is actually just a valance as the client never closes this side.

Ok, enough talk- I know you want to see the pictures!

Fridge side of kitchen (we still have some punch list items to finish!)


Table & chairs & window treatments


The whole room!


Professional photos to come…..

The client said ” I just want to let you know how fabulous it is.  The table is the perfect size.  I was able to sit and enjoy the paper and a cup of coffee and even though everything is the same size it seems like so much more space”.

What are your thoughts?



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