Lake Forest Kitchen Facelift


If your 2016 New Year’s resolutions include giving your kitchen a facelift with minimal muss and fuss, here’s a great example for you. The homeowner’s wanted to achieve a major change in this Lake Forest kitchen but they didn’t want to undergo any major construction. This was our “before” kitchen:

Lake Forest Facelift Before1

Overall, a kitchen that had been well-maintained but was dated and had some crowded countertop issues. Now check out the gorgeous transformation we accomplished, all with minimal mess for the homeowners:

Lake Forest Facelift After1

Can you spot all the changes? One of the most obvious is the island. Here’s a closeup of the original:

Lake Forest Facelift Before3

Compare that to this functional new beauty!

Lake Forest Facelift Island Views

A butcherblock countertop has an overhang with seating for three. And notice the kitchen countertop in the background – no more microwave to take up space. The stunning new island cabinetry includes a microwave drawer that cleared up valuable work space. A system of deep drawers allows for more functional storage too.

Lake Forest Facelift Hood and Backsplash

A new hood was an easy install that brings a cleaner, brighter look to the cooktop. And did you notice the update backsplash throughout? This elegant tile is a mixture of glass, ceramic, and onyx that glitters and shines.

Lake Forest Facelift After4

An updated sink and faucet nestle snugly into a bright new perimeter countertop. This countertop is quartz with marble look, so it offers the beauty of marble but it is more durable and won’t stain like marble will.

Beautiful, updated lighting, new paint, and a new valance round out the major changes to this sparkling fresh kitchen. Let us know what you think on our facebook page.

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