Love and Remodeling – You Can Have Both!

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Let’s face it. A remodeling project can be challenging for a number of reasons, and even the best of relationships can hit a snag during the process. During our “Month of Love” we decided to ask Sue Blue of Blue Life Coaching for some tips to help couples avoid stress.

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1. Sue, what would you say is one of the most important ways that couples can prepare themselves for the remodeling process?

It helps to have a shared vision and a sense of adventure. Having lived through two major remodeling projects it really helped to focus on our desired outcome rather than all the challenges. Just prepare yourself for the inevitable – it will take longer, you will go over budget and there will be breakdowns.

2. How can couples help each other through all of the decision making and invasiveness of remodeling?

Trust. Generally there is one person who has stronger design preferences, usually the woman, and one who is more concerned with the deadlines and cost. Trusting your partner with decisions is optimal. If you try to second guess every decision the adventure can turn into a nightmare. The same applies to trusting the people you have hired to do the project. Let them do what they do best and trust you will love the outcome.


3. When is it time to call in a professional to help resolve issues that come up?

When the remodeling has moved from a joint project to an interpersonal battle I would recommend seeking outside help.

4. How can you help?

I help couples get beneath the surface conflict to the underlying issues and feelings. Once couples move into what it is that is really bothering them resolution is easy. The process could actually deepen their relationship and create shared memories that they can look back on and laugh about later.

Sue Blue has a Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership and Lifecoaching. She has led couples groups, couples workshops and couples retreats with her husband. Her passion is working with couples one-on-one to help them find greater satisfaction in their relationships. She has offices in Northbrook. You can contact her via email at [email protected], via phone at (847) 691-6560, and find her on facebook.

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