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Moms. They give us life and so much more. When we’re young we’re awed by them. They know everything and can solve any problem. They see everything you do even when not looking at you and hear you even from far away. They not only show us unconditional love, they teach us how to love. They teach us how to get along in our families and in the world. Mind your manners, be kind, pick up after yourself, brush your teeth, flush. A million things, over and over until one day we get it. Then we have children of our own and are amazed all over again as it dawns on us just how much time and effort they put forth to ensure that we’re good, confident, caring and loving people. And just because we’re adults doesn’t mean they’ve relinquished their role. They still teach us, comfort us, and most importantly, love us. If you’re lucky enough to still have your mom, thank her and tell her how awesome she is. If your mom is no longer here, send her a prayer of thanks. I’ll bet she hears it.

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