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This week marked the annual madness and mayhem known in the design industry as NeoCon  at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.  It’s three full days of the largest trade show and conference for commercial interiors with over 700 showrooms and exhibits and attendended by about 50,000 designers, architects, and buyers.  Yes, it’s crazy, crowded, and convivial!

Although most of my practice is in the residential arena, I enjoy going to NeoCon because I take a number of seminars to further my education and I love to learn about new products.  Often, I can see how a product that is supposedly for commercial projects could be used in residential ones.  Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s show:

  • Wink- a product that you apply to a painted wall that turns it into a dry-erase surface.  Very cool option for a customized application!  For instance, a kid’s room (wow, coloring on the walls without getting into trouble!) or even a home office or kitchen.
  • 3Form’s new Light Art line of lighting.  I’ve talked about 3Form before, but it’s still one of the coolest products out there and now they even have lighting!
  • Aren't these gorgeous pendants?
  • Armourcoat’s sculptural line of wall surface designs.  These are panels that can be attached to a wall to create a very textured wall.  I think this could be fabulous in a number of applications- although it lends itself best to a more contemporary aesthetic.
  • This is one of several different patterns!

There are so many products it’s dizzying!  Interestingly enough, I attended a seminar about how the amount of choices that we now have in the design world have changed the buying habits of our clients.  Very interesting, and I’ll talk more about it in another post!  In the meantime, which of these do you like??

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