Remodeling- What Makes Sense?

We’re going to take a break from discussing kitchens to talk about remodeling in general.  Now that the weather is turning cooler, you’re spending more time indoors  and will  notice how well (or not) your home functions.  By the time the holidays have passed, you might be thinking it’s time to make a change.  But what changes make sense for your own comfort and for resale purposes?

For resale purposes, updating and increasing the size of kitchens and baths tops the list of getting the highest return for dollar spent on remodeling.  People are also looking for energy efficiency, so new appliances with Energy Star ratings and better insulation for your home will increase your comfort as well as make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

I ran across an interesting article in USA Today’s Green House section that cites a survey taken by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), of its members.  What clients are looking for these days are not rooms like game rooms and home theaters, but specialty rooms that get a lot of use- like home offices, and the incorporation of outdoor elements.  They’re also interested in first floor master bedrooms and energy efficient products, like more efficient furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters.  So when you’re thinking about remodeling- think multi-function as opposed to single function, and consider the energy efficiency of any upgrades you’re considering. 

I’ve got my eye on adding a fireplace element to our living/dining room.  It’s a good-sized room with a 12′ ceiling that tends to be chilly in the winter.  We have a wood-burning fireplace downstairs in the lower level, which is nice- but I think I’d really enjoy another fireplace upstairs.  Maybe a modern stove-type of fireplace.  This would definitely add to the cozy factor for the room and there are many out there that are energy efficient.  What is your dream project for your home?

Free standing gas log fireplace
I like this one!
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