Spring through Summer Sparkle

Tips and Advice

Spring has sprung and you can bring its freshness into your home with these 5 tips!

  1. De-clutter!  Time to put away the winter boots, hats, gloves and winter paraphernalia that we in the Chicago area have to live with.  Even if you have to pack them into plastic bins and store them in the attic or basement, your home will look instantly fresher and more seasonal without all that heavy stuff lying about.
A light and airy entryway!


2. Get rid of grime! Nothing is as beautiful as the sun streaming through clean windows, and you’ll enjoy the fresh breezes with clean screens.

3.  Change accessories! Put away the heavy winter throws and pull out (or pick up) some pillows and accessories with a little pop and pizzazz. Think outdoor colors and lighter weight accessories like a wicker basket for books near a cozy chair, or some brightly colored candles on the mantle.

Bright and light throw pillows and lighter weight rug create a summery feel


4.  Flower power! Never underestimate the effect of fresh flowers.  Whether it’s a few sprigs of lilac from your yard, or a bunch of jonquils from the supermarket, flowers bring a breath of fresh air indoors.  Place them all over the house, like the guest room, powder room, and don’t forget the foyer for a warm welcome to your guests.

Flowers from your yard add beauty!


5.  Get cozy!  Find a sunny spot for a cozy sitting area.  Maybe it’s a porch, maybe it’s in the family room, or just a sunny spot in your bedroom.  Pull up a small chair and maybe a little table for a beverage, have a seat, relax and dream!

A cozy spot to read or dream!



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