Take it Outdoors I

Now that Spring has sprung, we’re all itching to spend more time outdoors, right? As our outdoor weather in the Chicago area is not as long-lasting as in other parts of the country, it makes sense to squeeze every last minute that we can being and entertaining outdoors. Here is the first installment of tips to help you create the best outdoor experience!

  1. Decide on how you want to live/entertain outdoors:
    • Do you prefer to host several people, or just a few? (Assuming at some point we will feel comfortable with hosting crowds again!)
    • Do you enjoy barbecuing, or do you prefer to serve prepared/cold foods?
    • Brunches, dinners or both?
  2. Where will everyone gather?
  3. Will you have a dedicated outdoor kitchen complete with grill, fridge, bar/counters, or do you prefer to focus on family style seating at a large table with additional spaces for lounging?
  4. Do you have/want a pool to be part of your outdoor gatherings?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself when planning for your time outdoors. Thoughtful answers to these questions and more can help you decide what will best suit your needs. By the way, interior designers (shameless plug) can also help you figure out how to best utilize the space you have to accommodate all your wishes! Get outside. Right now.

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