Technology Meets Beauty in Motorized Window Treatments

What could be better than a gorgeous window treatment that works at the touch of a button? Or even integrates with your home assistant? In the early days of motorized window treatments, the options and styles were somewhat limited but today the limits are few. You can choose from many types of window treatments and the style choices are really blossoming as well!

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They are so lovely and the technology so convenient that we asked Jarmila Singer of Sound Living to share her expertise in the field with us.

Can any window treatments be motorized?

Mostly, the category is roller shades, roman shades, tensioned shades (skylight) and draperies. There are also motorized wooden blinds and horizontal sheer shades.

Is there a weight maximum?

This varies depending upon the category. For draperies, it’s about 185 pounds. For shades, the restriction is not only weight but also roll diameter due to the thickness of the fabric. So, height is a restriction that is part of this equation.

How are they powered and how do they operate?

Power can be low voltage or line voltage. Sound Living only provides low voltage shades. The third category for power is actually battery-operated shades and they are quite popular!

Do they integrate with smart phones and tablets?


Are they noisy?

No! That’s the best feature of low voltage motors.

Are there other special features we should know about?

Yes, the Lutron shade motor provides IHA which is Intelligent Hembar Alignment. Basically this means that Lutron shades in the same room will move in perfect unison. Lutron is the only manufacturer that offers this important feature.

Why should clients be interested in motorized windows treatments?

Motorized window treatments provide convenience, luxury, solar protection, and privacy.

  • Convenience – control a large group of windows with one button, control all the shades in the home with one button, control hard to reach shades
  • Solar protection – art, furnishings, flooring
  • Room temperature control – especially for south and west exposures
  • Privacy – dressing, sleeping, TV viewing

What makes Sound Living the best company to install motorized window treatments?

Sound Living provides the technical shade solution, the aesthetic shade solution, and complete installation and training of the client. All three aspects are critical to a successful project. Our hands-on process of working with the interior designer and home owner is what sets us apart. We view the aesthetic shade solution (fabric selection) as the most important part of the process.

How long has Sound Living been in business and what qualifications/certifications do you have?

Sound Living has been in business for 16 years and we are certified Lutron dealers for 12 years. We are also a certified dealer of motorized window treatments with Hartmann & Forbes and Conrad, utilizing Lutron motors.

Do the motors and other hardware come with a warranty or customer support?

Sound Living provides a 1-year warranty on labor and Lutron provides an 8-year warranty on its materials.

How would clients contact your company?

Please call us in our Highland Park office at 847.926.7034.

Sound Living is a boutique consultancy in Highland Park specializing in high-end residential technology. They carry Lutron motorized shades as well as lighting control systems and other home automation solutions. Jarmila Singer is the Vice President and co-owner with Gary Singer. She has worked with motorized window treatments for 12 of her 14 years with the company. She and the rest of the staff at Sound Living have invaluable experience in the field.

Thanks Jarmila! If you want to see more options in motorized window treatments, check out our pinterest board. Click on the youtube videos embedded below to see an overview of the Serena and Sivoia lines by Lutron.

Serena by Lutron

Sivoia by Lutron

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