Three Top Trends

Design Trends
  1. Welcome to White! If a sleek appearance in appliances is what you’re looking for, you’re no longer restricted to just Stainless Steel, or paneled front appliances. A number of manufacturers are showcasing glass front applicances that allow for an upscale white-on-white kitchen.
  2. miele_bright_white_plus_3sm
    Elite Appliance highlights Miele's new line of bright white appliances
  3. Shades of Gray……in cabinetry! Cabinet manufacturers are offering a number of grays in both paint and stains as well as cool and warm tones. Gray is a neutral that’s softer than black and yet is still crisp. It can go more traditional or more contemporary, and it’s showing up in kitchens AND baths.
  4. T2THES grey-strained Koto wood cabinets
  5. Trendy Transitional! Which is a bit of an oxymoron because although it’s popular, Transitional is really more classic than trendy. It’s a combination of Traditional and Contemporary styling. You keep some of the detailing that makes Traditional warm and interesting and yet pare down the extraneous and make it a bit sleeker.
  6. Durasupreme Transitional Cabinetry

What is your favorite trend?

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