Top Ten Things I’m Grateful For…


Thanksgiving is the time when we stop, reflect, and count our blessings. Here are just 10 on a very long list of things I’m grateful for:

10. Working with great professionals in my field.

9. Continuing to learn new things and be excited about each new day.

8. The assistance and support I receive from Barb Tedder and Claire Leaman, who help me run my business. It would be so much harder without their dedication and support!

7. 2014 has been a great year for my business and I’m grateful to all the clients I’ve had the privilege to help.

6. Grand-nephews!

5. Grand-children!

4. The love and friendship of all of our friends, near and far.

3. I’m very blessed to have my parents still with us and doing well.

2. A happy, healthy, and loving family.

And the #1 thing I’m grateful for every single day:

1. My loving and supportive husband, Dick!

Wishing you and your families the very best Thanksgiving and holiday season!


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