Trendy, Traditional, Timeless – Look #2

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Here’s the second look from the Trendy, Traditional, Timeless Event with Marsha Schwartz.


For our Trendy scenario, I selected a deep eggplant flat-weave wool rug. The kind that’s easy to roll up if you want to switch looks from time to time. The sofa is in a fabulous lime-green chenille with pillows that add a little sparkle and bling. For the chairs, this gorgeous bold floral that marries the green sofa and eggplant rug and adds some reds as well makes an eye-catching combination. Adding in a deep purple ottoman brings a little more of the purple into the mix. To add some additional texture to the walls, this great neutral patterned wallpaper does the trick. Voila! A trendy, colorful room that is fun and fresh!

For our Timeless version of this room, I’ve kept some of the players but relegated them to different roles. Our rug remains the same. Purple is actually a timeless color that’s associated with royalty. Our sofa now becomes more neutral in a beige frisee and the fabric that was our eye-catching chairs now becomes pillows on the sofa. Same pattern used in a smaller way. I’ve added a chair fabric in a traditional print that marries the green and beige in the sofa. The fabric that we used previously for the sofa- the lime green chenille is now an accent pillow on our chairs. Our purple ottoman remains and our walls get a coat of a beautiful neutral with a hint of green. Not quite khaki but definitely pulls the greens in. This room exudes a comfortable, relaxed style that’s classic.

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