What’s YOUR Color?

I’m hoping that you’ve been inspired to add at least a little bit of color to your home!  During this (mostly white and grey) season, it can be a welcome respite and uplifiting.

So what is YOUR color?  Are you having trouble trying to determine the color(s) that you’d love to live with?  The answers to these questions should get you moving in the right direction.  (Of course, there is always the option of having a trained designer assist you… )

  • Are you more attracted to warmer colors (those with red or yellow components) or cool colors (those with blue or green components)?
  • What about neutrals (believe it or not these can be either warm or cool)?
  • Do you prefer bright, saturated colors or paler pastels?
  • What are your favorite colors to wear?  If it looks good on you, it will probably look great in your home.

Here are some colorful rooms courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens www.bhg.com

Examples of "warm" colors

Notice how the bold colors are really just accents, and the warm tones are offset a little with some cooler blues in the vases on the table and the green cactus in the corner.  Balancing cool and warm tones in a room makes for a more harmonious setting.

Definitely "cooler"

While this picture shows a predominance of cool blue, it’s interesting to note that the green is a yellow-green, which balances out the coolness of the blue.  If you could imagine it being a blue-green instead, the picture would feel chilly.  Note also the bits of yellow added in.

So now that you’re a little more color-savvy, what are you going to do about it???



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