Wowed by Walls!

As a design professional, I’m often invited to events that feature some of the latest and greatest products for your home.  This week I had the pleasure of attending 2 very informative events, both having to do with wall treatments.

The first event was sponsored by ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and was graciously hosted by the Donghia showroom at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.  The subject was wallpaper and we saw some of the most beautiful wallpapers that I’ve ever seen.  Usually, I’m not a huge fan of wallpaper as a lot of it looks: a)fake, b)ugly, c)common.  These papers were anything but.  The showroom carries its own line of papers, as well as lines from Luludk, Lori Weitzner, David Goldberg, and fabrics by Bart Halpern that are often used as wallcoverings (some really yummy silks!)  Here are some of my favorites:

Gold/cream textured wallpaper
Donghia paper- Looks like tapacloth

This one is from Donghia’s own line and is quite lovely. 

Dog in front of a white wall with textured wallpaper
Lori Weitzner "Cartouche"

This one, from Lori Weitzner has a raised pattern on the paper and can actually be painted.  I thought this elegant design would look fabulous in a dining room.  By the way, Lori’s website is quite cool.  I recommend watching the video.

Picture of a fiber wallpaper
Lori Weitzner's "Aura Spliced"

This was a really stunning paper.  It’s actually fiber from fig trees that’s been made into a wallpaper.  You would paint your wall first and then apply the paper. The wallcolor is seen through the open holes in the fiber.  It gives great texture and interest to a wall.  She even has a wallpaper made of recycled newspaper that’s pretty neat.  Now granted, some of these papers are not inexpensive.  But if you’re looking to add some interest, sophistication or just a “wow” factor to your room, you could do just an accent wall in one of these and create a stunning room. 

The next event, a few days later, was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams paint and hosted in the Robert Allen showroom at the Mart.  They were introducing designers to some of their new faux-finish products.  These were also pretty awe-inspiring.  Again, I thought that faux-finishing was passe’, which was ok with me.  These finishes were really sophisticated with metallics, linen finishes and also venetian plasters that are tactile, interesting and visually draw you into a space.  Check out and take a look.  Unfortunately I couldn’t download any of these pictures, so you’ll have to take a look for yourself!  I would definitely recommend many of these for a spectacular, one of a kind look for your home. 

I encourage you to think about your walls in terms of color AND texture when you’re contemplating a project.  Sometimes just a little jolt can amp up a room’s interest enough to make you say “wow”!

By the way, as part of my new year’s blogging campaign, I’ve signed up for WordPress’ “Post a week 2011” group.  I’m promising to post at least once a week (really my goal is twice a week) throughout the year.  It’s great to buddy up, so if there are any other bloggers out there that would like to be my buddy for twice a week posts, let me know!

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