As a designer, I welcome and enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other design professionals. Our clients benefit from our shared knowledge and ability to work together for an even better outcome for them. Whether it’s working to bring an architect’s plan to life with the right selections, or collaborating with other kitchen designers to ensure the cabinetry is exquisite, I love being a part of the team that brings a client’s dreams to life. I’m always looking for great introductions to design and construction professionals, and I’d love to talk to you about collaborating.

Catherine Schager Designs - Collaboration

Services I offer that to bring your clients a fabulous project:

  • Space planning
  • CAD drawings
  • Autokitchen drawings (with 3D renderings)
  • Managing the selections process
  • Paint and wall treatment consultations
  • Window treatments, rugs, furniture and lighting
  • Accessorizing
Catherine Schager Designs - Collaboration