Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the initial meeting?
The first time we meet is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit. We will talk about your project and discuss your vision for your space.

How do you charge?
We offer a design fee estimate for the entire project – you know up front what the costs are. Purchases are optional. If you choose to have us purchase items for you they are made at our cost plus a purchase management fee.

Do you have references?
We are happy to refer you to clients who have completed projects with us.

I only have a small budget; can I still work with you?
We have different levels of service, appropriate for many different budget levels.

I want to buy my own furnishings; can you still help me?
Of course! We can offer design services and consult with you while you do your own purchasing. We can even specify the furnishings, if that’s what you need.

Can I work with my own contractor?
Yes. If you have someone you are comfortable working with we can work with that contractor. If you want us to recommend a contractor we have established relationships with many good contractors.

Will my home look like all your other clients’ homes?
Homes are very personal spaces. When we begin work on your home we’ll spend time interviewing you. We listen to your dreams and desires, likes and dislikes. This process insures that your home reflects you.

How long will my project take?
When we begin working on your project we will discuss the timeline. Often the timeline reflects how quickly you can make decisions. We respond to clients’ needs on a timely basis and will do whatever is within our control to finish your project within your timeframe.

I have no idea what I want; can you still help me?
That’s one of the things we do best! We’ll discuss your home and your needs then go through images with you to determine the types of furnishings and interiors you may like.

My partner and I disagree on all our design ideas; can you help?
That’s more common than you might think. We’ve worked with many couples that have vastly different ideas about their home’s décor. There are many design options that you may not have considered that can work for both of you. It’s our job to find them and bring them to you.

Can I be part of the creative process?
We welcome your creativity and want to hear your ideas. We use your input to make your design work for you.

My kitchen space doesn’t “work”; can you help?
We are certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and able to re-work layouts and spacing to make kitchens (and baths!) function beautifully.

Will you give me choices?
Our process allows us to pre-select the choices that are right for you, your project and your budget. We always give you choices but work to make them manageable for you. This is always a collaborative process!