A Good Egg?

Case Studies

I get a news feed from USA Today’s Greenhouse column.  I sometimes find interesting articles about green homes or new green technology.  Today’s article was about a young architect that built a mobile, egg-shaped, solar powered “house” and parked it on the sidewalk near the architectural firm that he works for.

Dai Haifei, a resident of Bejing, built the egg as a way to live near work without having his parents sacrifice to purchase a home for him.  I think that’s admirable. 

His home is made of sack bags, bamboo strips, wood chipping & grass seed ( that should sprout in the spring) and cost a whopping $964.  With the money he saves in rent, he bought a gym membership where he swims and showers.  Works out ok so far.  He has no kitchen, so he frequents the neighborhood restaurants.  That’s cool.  He says he uses public facilities and calls it a “free lifestyle”.  Sort of like Thoreau at Walden.

guy living in an egg-shaped house
The "Egg House"


Unfortunately, he was told after two months that he must move his egg, and now he is living with a friend.  I think his concept is pretty interesting, although as one who has developed an attachment to a heated home and indoor plumbing, it probably wouldn’t work for me.  I do applaud his ingenuity and inventiveness.  I’ve often thought about attachment to “stuff” and whether or not I really could do without it. 

What do you think?  Would it be too difficult for you to live in this tiny dwelling, with no indoor plumbing, no kitchen, just a bed and a couple of nightstands?

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