Take it Outdoors III

So, now that you’ve assembled your team of outdoor professionals, let’s talk about your outdoor kitchen.  There are so many options offered that it can easily become overwhelming.  As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, but for outdoors it can be a supporting player that is both functional and beautiful. Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to store all of the things that your indoor kitchen does as generally much of the prep work will happen indoors and cooking happens outdoors. Same with clean-up, although if your space and climate allow for an outdoor sink it can be very useful. The great news is that your outdoor kitchen can be as small as some cabinetry to add storage for grill items and serving, to something as large as an outdoor living area complete with fireplace, bar, and seating areas.

Which works best for your lifestyle and home? When considering outdoor cabinets there are many options from stainless steel to wood to cabinets made with recycled PET. One of the questions to ask yourself in the process is what upkeep will be required for your desired cabinets? We have added outdoor cabinetry manufactured by OpenAir cabinetry as offerings for our clients wishing to create a maintenance-free outdoor kitchen that is flexible and customizable.  My most discerning clients have loved the options, durability and quality of our new line: www.openaircabinetry.com

Here are some additional planning tips:



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