Bathroom Splurges and Saves

Recently I read an article that asked the opinions of several designers where they would splurge and where they would save when it comes to the bathroom.  Here’s a quick breakdown of their answers:


  • Plumbing fixtures- they’re the jewellry in the room
  • Smart toilets- saving money and being environmentally responsible
  • Lighting- Very important in the bath
  • Spa-like shower experience- Ahhhhh
Gerber Avalanche toilet


  • Vanities- the opinion was that you can find ready made  higher end ones (no big box stores, please)
  • Stone floors- many options in porcelain or ceramic give the appearance of stone without the price
  • High end toilets- honestly, there’s one that you can even plug your iPod into!
A ready-made vanity


While I agree with some of these opinions, what I tell my clients is to determine what’s really important to them first, and then we can decide where the splurges and saves come in.  If they need the additional storage they can get from a custom vanity- that’s the way we go.  If they want the beauty of a stone floor, then that’s the splurge.  Almost all projects involve making the decisions and compromises that give you your dream bathroom at a price that works for you!

What would be your splurge item?  Your “save” item?



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