Countertop Confessions- Part 2

It seems that storms follow me when I attend events.  The other night during that wild storm I was at an event in Wheeling (where of course the storm was the worst!) at the Terrazzo and Marble showroom. (I swear I saw the Wicked Witch of the West riding her broom!)  It was a great opportunity to meet some new vendors, chat with colleagues, and see some of the most gorgeous stone I’ve ever seen.  The folks there were kind enough to allow me to take some pictures to share with you and I’m adding a couple of other options as well. 

Intricately veined Soapstone
Look at this Soapstone!
Isn't this beautiful?
Black granite with dramatic gold and white veining
I love the movement and color of this granite

Ok, now for some other options:

Onyx-  A beautiful translucent stone.  It is soft so you wouldn’t want to use it in a hard-working area but it can be lovely on a bar or in a powder room.  If you can back-light it it glows and is fabulous. 

Back-lit Onyx
Back-lit Onyx

 Icestone- A Terrazzo material made of 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix.  It’s a great idea for a “green” option, but be aware that it’s porous, needs to be sealed and waxed and isn’t heat-proof. 

Terrazzo countertop that's white with flecks of colored, recycled glass

And last but not least for today- how about a countertop that’s made of money?  Sound far fetched?  It’s not! 

Shetka Stone – Is a product made in Minnesota (ok, pronounce it correctly- Min eh sot a  😉 )  that’s made of various types of recycled paper including decommissioned paper money which is shredded, broken down and compressed without formaldehyde or toxic glues.  It’s stain, water, and scratch resistant and 55-90% recycled.  I must admit it’s not the most beautiful countertop I’ve seen, but it’s an option for those looking to be kinder to the environment. 

Countertop with shredded money inside
Shetka Stone- This color's called "Counterfeit"

I know which are my favorites, how about you?  Which one of these would you love to have in your home?

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