Design Project Diary- Day 21

The client is getting weary of not being able to shower at home.  For some reason, the pieces needed to finish up the shower were not installed on Friday.   🙁  I’m hoping the contractor resolves that today.

The good news: we’ve selected a new coverlet fabric (yay!) which is in stock (double yay!) and have chosen the finish for the bedroom furniture.  The headboard is in, and the chair is on its way.  Now we’re waiting on the countertop, and the legs to finish off the vanity (ordered).  Then I just have to get all the fabrics and trims off to the fabricator and in a couple of weeks, voila’!  The rooms will be magically transformed!

As those of you who have been reading this know, it only seems like magic once you’ve seen the finished project.  I like to think of the process as being like childbirth.  Once it’s done, you forget the pain.  Truthfully, this hasn’t  even been that painful.

The things to remember when doing a project are:

  • It rarely goes without some sort of hitch.  Recognize that going in and know that if you have chosen good people to work with, they’ll figure out ways to resolve it quickly and properly.
  • It almost always takes more time than anticipated- see bullet point above.  You can lay your best plans, but when that unexpected glitch comes up, it may slow things down a bit.
  • Be sure to build in a little flexibility in the budget just for the unexpected.
  • Lastly, you cannot underestimate the value of working with good people.  Sure, you can find people to do something for less money- but are they people that you know and trust to resolve issues correctly and in a timely fashion? 

Here are some new project pictures- enjoy!

Shower with porcelain tile, Kohler showerhead and faucet, band of glass tile below showerhead
Almost done!
New Kohler bathtub
I think she really likes her shiny new tub!
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